Generate Flutter vector code from a subset of SVG files


Generates Flutter vector code from minimalist SVG-like files.


> pub global activate built_vector
> pub global run built_vector -i <assets file path> -o <output dart file>

A class named accordingly to your assets node’s name, containing a void Paint(Canvas canvas, Size size, {Color fill}) function for each vector node.

You can then use them with a custom painter, like with the sample/lib/vectors.dart Vector widget.

File format


An asset catalog is a collection of assets (vector only at the moment).

<assets name="icons">
    <vector ... />
    <vector ... />
    <vector ... />


A vector is a collection of filled shapes.

It has several properties :

  • name (required) : the identifier of the vector asset
  • viewBox (required) : a box (<x> <y> <width> <height>)that contains all the shapes.
  • fill : a default fill brush for shapes
<vector name="warning" viewBox="0 0 24 24" fill="#231F20">
    <rect ... />
    <circle ... />
    <path ... />


A shape is a set of instructions to build an area to fill with a brush. Currently it can be rectcirclepath.

It has several properties :

  • fill : a default fill brush for shapes
  • rect – xywidthheight : position and size
  • circle – cxcyr : center coordinates and radius
  • path – d : SVG path data
<vector name="warning" viewBox="0 0 24 24" fill="#231F20">
    <rect x="15" y="14" width="31" height="28" />
    <circle cx="45.5" cy="42.5" r="15.5" fill="#C4C4C4" />
    <path d="M12 17C12.5523 17 13 16.5523 13 16C13 15.4477 12.5523 15 12 15C11.4477 15 11 15.4477 11 16C11 16.5523 11.4477 17 12 17Z" />


To generate the sample, execute :

> pub global run built_vector -i sample/assets/icons.assets -o sample/lib/icons.g.dart

The sample/assets/icons.assets file is generated as sample/lib/icons.g.dart.

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