Apple: what does iOS 13 reserve for us?

Apple: what does iOS 13 reserve for us?

In early June, as part of the WWDC 2019, the Worldwide Developers Conference , Apple will unveil its new operating system for iPhone and iPad.

Owners of iPhone and iPad have just moved to iOS 12.2 that must already evoke the next major update: iOS 13. As every year, Tim Cook will take advantage of the keynote of June to formalize its arrival, and the 9to5Mac site delivers some secrets of this operating system .

First novelty, and it is fashionable that it is on computer or mobile, it is the arrival of the dark mode . Already present on MacOS, it darkens the appearance of iOS to limit eye fatigue , but also better bring out the open application . Different from the “night mode”, it will be applied to the system as a whole and Apple applications. Still on the aesthetic side, there is a more discreet slider to lower and raise the volume of the smartphone or tablet , or the ability to customize fonts.

Mail will better sort messages

For productivity, it is especially the iPad that would be in the spotlight with the ability to open multiple instances of an application to isolate functions. Exactly as if we were removing a toolbar in a software on Mac. This will be especially useful on large screens. For the text entry, our colleagues announce the arrival of a function Cancel: if we slide three fingers to the left, we delete the text. If you drag them to the right, the deleted content is restored.

For its part, the Mail application will catch up on the competition, including Gmail and Outlook, with a more intelligent storage of e-mails received, but also a function that will postpone reading some later. For Safari, it is the possibility to display the desktop version of a site when the screen is wide. For now, Safari was stubborn to display the mobile version of a site …

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