Do not bother to learn these programming languages??in 2019

Do not bother to learn these programming languages ??in 2019.

The Codementor platform hopes to reduce the range of languages ??that are worth the time and effort to learn them, the ZDNet portal writes .

The Codementor startup, allowing developers to ask questions to their colleagues and get answers to them, has compiled a list of the worst programming languages ??based on criteria such as community involvement and growth, the labor market.

Last year, Dart, Objective-C, CoffeeScript, Lua and Erlang topped the list of languages ??not worth learning.

Now Codementor has collected answers to the question “which language would you probably not begin to learn as the first?”, Removing from the list the three most popular – JavaScript, Python and Java. It turned out that this year Elm, CoffeeScript, Erlang and Perl do not deserve to be studied.

It is a little surprising that Kotlin, a popular language for writing applications for Android, has moved from the 11th to the 18th place in the Codementor list . A Microsoft-owned site for storing GitHub code called it the fastest-growing language in 2018 due to a significant increase in the number of projects created at Kotlin.

The language, which made the most improvements, was created by Google and released in 2013 by Dart. Codementor connects his improvement with Google Flutter, a single code development kit for iOS and Android. Flutter apps are written in Dart and are a key component of the Fuschia operating system that Google is developing. Takeoff Dart demonstrates the impact of Google solutions on a significant proportion of developers.

“The announcement of Google Flutter, which took place almost simultaneously with the publication of our list last year, breathed new life into Dart, allowing it to rise to 20th place according to our criterion ‘growth and trends’,” notes Codementor.

Dart does not yet have a high rating in the Codementor labor market index, but its community engagement rate has improved markedly due to the Dart and Flutter conversations.