keyboard anti-miss spelling!

Here is the keyboard anti-miss spelling!

After four years of study, Afnor has made its conclusions and proposes two new standards to facilitate the use of French with computer keyboards: the improved Azerty and the BÈpo.

After Qwerty and Azerty, will there be BÈpo keyboards on the market? This is possible since this is what the AFNOR ( French Association for Standardization ) recommends, which has just made its conclusions on a study started in 2015 and commissioned by the General Delegation to the French Language and Languages ??of France, under the guardianship of the Ministry of Culture.

So it’s something very serious, and the goal is to create a computer keyboard specifically dedicated to French, and its specificities such as accents, special characters or capital letters accentuated . The goal ? Improve the spelling and thwart the subtleties of the French language.

The most efficient and ergonomic layout

In its report, the Afnor therefore offers two types of keyboard: the improved Azerty and the BÈpo. As its name suggests, the first takes the outline of the current keyboard, with some changes like the “Á” placed on the C key or the “to” which would be now under 1. Note the addition of ligatures (Ê and ú) and French quotation marks.

The Bep offers him to change the order of the keys on the keyboard, and it is obviously very confusing. Appeared in 2003, but still very confidential, this type of keyboard would be, according to the Afnor, ” recognized as offering the most ergonomic and effective layout possible for the input of French, other European languages ??based on the Latin alphabet, but also for programming “.

In its report, the association makes it clear that this is a recommendation and standards, and that the ball is now in the manufacturers’ camp to offer such keyboards.

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