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  In this article we are talking about react native vs flutter 

  so I’m putting up 10 criterias to decide

  Whether the flutter is having an advantage or the react native is having the advantage so based on these parameters we’re gonna give star ratings to either flutter or react native and we’ll be deciding which one is gaining the popularity now among these n criterias the last one the tenth one is the most important one it’s almost like have you seen the Harry Potter it’s almost like the Harry Potter’s Quidditch game in which the last the snitch ball the smaller golden one if you catch that means the game is over and you have won the game so the 10th criteria is the most important one.

  So let get start our batch of react native vs flutter on the right hand side we have got react native on the left hand side we have got flutter it looks like a boxing match almost like it and probably the comment section is also going to look like a boxing match but again let’s get started it so point number 0 hey did you thought we’re gonna get started from 1 no we are programmers we’re gonna get started from the list number 0 on the  list number 0 I have got one very amazing thing about flutter and react native which is hot reloading now I don’t want to give any stars based on hot reloading because if I had to give stars on hot reloading I would give a star to flutter as well as to react native because both includes hot reloading now this hot reloading is something in which you just write some code save the code and hit reload on a mobile app on a native mobile app and just reloads like a webpage once you start using them there is no going back this is such an amazing feature which every single developer who is working on native code either Swift or Java really misses out a lot once you start using it there is no going back moving on to our first criteria that we are going to use is going to be release date now you might be thinking hey how can release date be a criteria release date includes a whole lot of potential because the member who are getting first into the domain or the competition are always going to have upper hand whether you like it or not there’s always an upper hand now react native letter both are like equally there is only just two years of difference between both of them but still our start is going to go react native because react native or was the first one to came into the market I have seen in the flutter website also that there are a lot of inspiration that’s coming up with the react native but again in this criteria we are going to go for the release date the star is going to go for react native our next criteria for having this debate is going to be component now you might be thinking hey we can design any component in both of them but here is my point on which based on which I want to give these stars now in the react native you get very less out of the box you get only a few handful of things that’s good advantage because you have to learn less and you can create any kind of component using third-party libraries on the other hand in the flutter we get again tons of component and all of them are almost kind of a proprietary components now it’s not a good word to use proprietary hears because they are open-source but the reason why I’m using a proprietary here is because they are all designed by a single team the Google team now in this one I would like to give my start to actually flutter the reason being is that I really don’t like to work much with the third-party component yes they are great they’re amazing but they might be just a side project for a programmer.

  Or a hobby for a programmer or might be a company and on the other side in the world of flutter we get all of these components and they are backed by the actual release person which is flutter or the Google you can say now again both companies are notoriously known for shutting down the projects both Facebook and Google so we aren’t gonna go into that debate right now my favorite thing is to work with the default component that right away ships with the flutter again a lot of the advantage comes up with when the flutter and all these components are shipped in for example you have to work on navigation and tons of stuff which are directly cooked up in the flutter so my star is with the flutter next up the thing is the language now language is again a very choice evil thing and for you Python might be a tough language for me it might be a super easy language so again it’s all a very very biased thing but here is my point now letter uses dart as a programming language react native uses JavaScript as a programming language now I’m gonna give my honest opinion because I do have courses on both of them I have a free course on JavaScript in case you are interested in that I do have a dart course if you are interested in getting into the flutter as well but again I would say that my start is gonna go with react native because it uses JavaScript now the reason is not because JavaScript my favorite or anything like that the reason is that already we have a huge community of programmers that are already working in JavaScript so migrating into the mobile apps is much more easier for them rather than learning with the dart programming language but again it doesn’t mean I totally want to be biased on JavaScript now it is also a super easy language but again learning a new programming language and adjusting yourself in it has its own learning curve so based on that I would like to give my star to react native in this case next up that we are going to go for is Docs or documentation now in this I would like to give my star to flutter the reason for that is that flutter documentation is so well written.

  It’s super amazing well react native we get so much less out of the box that means we have to look into third party documentation which is not always so much fun but again this doesn’t means that the RIA that the flutter documentation is absolutely amazing at some point specially in the child using and especially when you have get a lot of things which is super super confusing one thing that confuses a lot of big nurse in the flutter is how we are going to do at the validation check if you have designed any kind of forms in the flutter you might have noticed that they just say validation validator this is so confusing Lee written in the flutter that everybody just it’s it’s a pain in.

  The rear and there are a couple of other examples similar to this which are gonna say yeah flutter documentation is pretty amazing but it can be a little bit more amazing if you can just dedicate a little bit more time on these documentation and they’re so amazing that I’d really want them to push a little bit more forward and make them be best documentation over the Internet again react native stands a little bit just almost right there in the documentation part but hey my favorite one is flutter next up let’s also talk about how your app looks like and we’re going to talk about native look so how closely your app looks like to the native apps designed in Swift or java now in this case I would like to give my star to react native and some of you might be wondering for the situation now a lot of component that are cooked up with flutter are actually designed to look like material ish now definitely there are some components which look like directly like our iOS one but in.

  The react native once you write the component it automatically adopts for either the Android or iOS and you don’t have to write any much code your app right out of the box looks very closely to the native app and that is a great advantage in case you want to make sure that your app looks really amazing and awesome and native in that case my star is gonna go react with the react native because right out of the box you don’t have to write any code and it looks like that again the flutter is actually the whole working criteria of flutter is different they try to use their components which all always are going to look exactly same no matter what the device is again.

  These are different choice but right now our criteria is native look so that’s why my star is going for react native next up that we have got is the community and without a doubt there is no point of discussion that the star is gonna go to react native now yes the flutter community is growing up nicely.

  And Google is doing a lot of hard work and pushing so that community adopts it a lot and there is a whole community to support the flutter development but again right now the current market is if you’re gonna look for answers to your questions or to your problems you’re gonna you’re gonna find a whole lot of community with react native again the one main reason behind that is the.

  release date react native came up first in the market a lot of people have adopted it that’s why I think it’s not really fair to say that start gonna give to react native or flutter definitely.

  the community of flutter is rising up but right now the community is too much in the react native next up that we are going to have is going to be the industry adaptation now.

  industry adaptation is one thing which is absolutely debatable a lot of people are going to say hey new industries are adopting flutter but again there you go.

  there is your question and there is your slight point which I would like to catch up a lot of people are yes adopting.

  flutter but right now a lot of companies are already working on react native that’s why my start is going to the react native because industry adopt Asian is already quite huge and this builds up a lot of job market into the.

  react native world as well so that’s why the star is going into the react native world now next up which is the most important for a lot of programmer is the.

  state management now both of these app working lifecycle or model or their design is based on the state management both flutter and react native now both of them are fully compatible and skilled enough to make sure that they can handle.

  Any kind of state management but again for both of them the inbuilt that cooked up or what comes up as a ship in default the state management is not so amazing now in the recent time just a few months ago the hooks of react native is gaining a lot of traction a lot of advantage and a lot of praise in the community as well while on the other hand the flutter is also managing state nicely now both of them deal up with the things differently on the other on the one hand we have got flutter which the team itself say is a lot that you should use block pattern which is business logic component definitely it’s a great idea to work with the head but there is a ton of code and ton of learning curve if you want to go for the block pattern on the other hand the react native again hooks are a lot of state management things with ships in default with react native are pretty good but again most of people still love to work with the redux because it is amazing now Redux is also available for flutter as well and a lot of people are trying to integrate it more and more further so that they can just still work with the Redux so in this case my star is gonna go with the Redux again both of them definitely can have do have a lot of potential to show up in the future but right now my star is going with the Redux not with any of them because the state management is still a big issue in both of them Redux handles it nicely for the big and scalable application and so does in the flutter so I’m not gonna give star to any one of them so last but not the least the number ninth if you are a programmer accounting it like that way or if your accounting at a regular person the number 10 this is the most important thing while selecting anything like flutter or react native the next one is which one do you like the most because regardless or whatever the points I make or whatever the arguments I gave about one or the other I think you should choose the one which you love the most .

  And that is what I’m gonna ask you to leave in the comment section which is the one which is your favorite flutter or react native so know down notify me in the comment section below that which one is your favorite .

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