8 Reasons To Use Cross Platform Apps Development Technologies


Cross Platform Apps Development.

The development of digital applications for multiple platforms is quite common nowadays with both developers and businesses, because of the underlying implications and benefits involved. When apps are designed and made to be used across operating systems and digital ecosystems, they can easily reach out to the most number of customers and prospects, enhance the reputation and popularity of a business, and can also boost revenues and sales, among other benefits. Software vendors, mobile app development teams, as well as the businesses, can now overcome challenges and meet multiple ends through a single endeavor.

As it can be easily deduced, the cross-platform mobile app development technologies are used for making Apps that can run on Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS, Microsoft Windows and other mobile and web operating systems. These applications are based on the main source code and can be run on many different kinds of electronic gadgets including tablets, smartphones, and others. Here are 8 of the best benefits of using cross-platform application development technologies for developing digital mobile applications.

  1. One-Time Code Making

When using the hybrid or cross-platform application development technology, the App developers have to build the source code only once, and the same code is leveraged subsequently a number of times, thereby providing for applications that can run on all different operating systems. It is a great rescue from the earlier method of developing unique source codes for each operating system and the benefits here also include saving of cost and time. The code can be saved in the form of Bits and can be used easily in the future.

2. Speed Enhancement

As said earlier, the use of cross-platform App development technologies ensures that the process of App development turns to be much faster. The App development project teams can save up to 80% of the time they spend toward the project by using hybrid technologies. This helps in reducing the deadlines and makes the end results more satisfactory for the clients. All the cross-platform mobile apps have easy access to the internet and the individuals are not required to separately download the updates for each of the application. The updates are rolled out singularly for Apps running on different platforms, and therefore all users will have the same updated version of the App at any time.

3. Readily Available Plugins

Plugins are important for the App developers as they can bring in the desired features and functionality to any App. The use of the cross-platform App development technology is also aided by easy access to the plugins that are readily available to the developers. Appcelerator and PhoneGap, among other technologies and frameworks, make it easy for the developers to use the plugins for the making of cross-platform Apps. Different kinds of software links, including the APIs, can be used across operating systems and platforms and can be applied easily in lesser time.

All Apps require updates for warding off the bugs and for bringing in new features. Therefore easy access to plugins has benefits for the future as well. Easy syncing improves functionality while not impacting the duration and cost adversely. There is also the benefit of better security. The developers only need to secure and upgrade a single app instead of the individual Apps made for the unique operating systems. Also, when an application is readily approachable on different platforms. it can have better access to the customers and will provide for a better business opportunity.

4. Reducing Costs And Expenditure

Reducing cost is one of the most important steps that a business can take towards enhancing profitability. When the Apps are developed for the individual and different platforms alone and one at a time, more cost is incurred, as each effort is undertaken by the team from scratch. Also, the App development teams are not required to be proficient in each of the coding languages, can learn one cross-platform technology and programming language, and can create the App that can be used across multiple platforms.

5. No Compromise With The User Experience

With the improvement in the cross-platform digital App development technologies, there is no deterioration in features relating to layout, intuitiveness, navigation, and functionality among others when the App is built for multiple and cross-platform usages. Improvement in the technology is also providing for lesser glitches and enhanced performance, which is the need of the hour.

6. Easy Availability Of The Cross-Platform SDKs

Developers can now use cross-platform software development kits (SDKs) and can create suitable apps for different operating systems. This innovative software can reduce the efforts and time and can improve the cost-effectiveness of the process.

7. Good For Prototyping

Prototypes are necessary to inspect and judge the effectiveness of the App that is made after the spending of a good amount of efforts and through heavy expenditure. Through the use of cross-platform app development technology (including JavaScript, HTML5, and the source-code the libraries including jQuery and jQTouch among others) it becomes easy to formulate and deploy the prototypes across multiple platforms. Because a single language is used for developing the App for multiple platforms, the time spent towards the making of the prototypes is also reduced.

By using the hybrid technology and the prototypes, businesses and App developers can also get the feedback and views of the customers and users on many different platforms easily, which provides for timely improvement of the App. An app that is revised and which improves to incorporate more features and functionality inputs that are desired by the customers will be more liked. The Customer is the King in a modern global competitive business scenario and therefore such a feature ensures the success of the business and aids profitability.

8. Enhanced Reach To A Wider Audience/Customer Base

With the use of cross-platform App development technology, it is now easy and convenient for the businesses to reach to their target market segment and beyond. Apps that are built for multiple platforms are downloaded much more and are also more popular as well. The benefit directly culminates into greater revenues and sales and enhances the reach of business beyond its aspirations.

Cross-platform app development is now preferred by business globally and we can see why. Leading App development and digital services today provide world-class applications that run on various different platforms with the desired effect and can bring in phenomenal returns on relatively minor investment.

Author Bio: James Grills is a technical writer with a passion for writing on emerging technologies in the areas of mobile application development and IoT technology. He is a marketing advisor – currently associated with Cumulations Technologies a mobile app development company in India.

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