Expandable bottom app bar widget for Flutter SDK


Animatable bottom app bar with expandable sheet


Getting Started

Add the plugin:

  expandable_bottom_bar: any

Basic Usage

Adding the widget

bottomNavigationBar: BottomExpandableAppBar(
        // Provide the bar controller in build method or default controller as ancestor in a tree 
        controller: bbc,
        expandedHeight: expandedHeight.value,
        horizontalMargin: 16,
        expandedBackColor: Theme.of(context).backgroundColor,
        // Your bottom sheet code here
        expandedBody: Center(
          child: Text("Hello world!"),
        // Your bottom app bar code here
        bottomAppBarBody: Padding(
          padding: const EdgeInsets.all(8.0),
          child: Row(
            mainAxisSize: MainAxisSize.max,
            children: <Widget>[
                child: Text(
                  textAlign: TextAlign.center,
                flex: 2,
                child: Text(
                  textAlign: TextAlign.center,

Customization (Optional)


horizontalMargin – distance of sheet’s sides from edge
bottomOffset – distance of top sheet’s edge from top appbar’s edge in closed state
shape – notch shape for FAB
appBarHeight – if you need change app bar height

bottomAppBarColor – background color of appbar container
or appBarDecoration – decoration of appbar container

expandedBackColor – background color of sheet container
or expandedDecoration – decoration of sheet container




snap – if true sheet will snap to opened and closed state
dragLength – distance that pointer should travel for fully open/close the sheet


Should have dragLength defined
onDrag – use that with GestureDetector for swipe control
onDragEnd – use that with GestureDetector for swipe control

open – switch the sheet to closed state
close – switch the sheet to opened state
swap – if sheet is opened closes the sheet and vice versa

Source Credit Url : https://github.com/rIIh/expandable-bottom-bar

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