A small Cross-Platform Wisdom Generator, built using Flutter and a combination of external APIs

This Wisdom Generator combines random advice from the the Internet with vaguely fitting and vaguely thought provoking stock images from the Unsplash Source API. You can also save bits of Wisdom you like in your Favorites or share them with your friends.

Phone Mock of Wisdom Feed Phone Mock of Wisdom Feed Phone Mock of Wisdom Feed

Purpose of Wisgen

I used this project to understand how Flutter handles communication with the web and how it implements asynchronous calls. I also got the chance to better understand how Flutter handels state and how to transfer that state over multiple classes withing the Widget Tree.

BLoC Architecture: Dependencies of Wisgen Components


BLoC Architecture: Dataflow of Wisgen Components

Data Flow

Used Packages 📦

  • flutter_bloc (for state handeling)
  • http (for API calls)
  • cached_network_image (for cashing images)
  • flutter_launcher_icons (for easily setting the launcher icon)
  • shared_preferences (for accessing shared preferences as offline storage)
  • flutter_spinkit (loading animation)
  • share (for sending share-intents)

Source Credit Url : https://github.com/Fasust/wisgen

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