Flutter 1.0 Is Now Available: Stable Native Cross-Platform Development

Flutter Cross-Platform Development

Most important news this week is Flutter 1.0 is available. On the 4th of December, Google unveiled the stable release of Flutter, Flutter 1.0, at the Flutter Live event in London.

Flutter 1.0

At Flutter Live, Tim Sneath announced the release of Flutter 1.0, marking the platform as stable after 9 months of being in Beta and going through 3 release previews.

Google Maps and WebView for Flutter

Google Maps and WebView are now available for Flutter.

This is the app on the Filip Hraceks demo.

Flutter for the Web and beyond

Before Flutter Live, the Flutter team gave hints of something beyond Flutter 1.0 being announced at the event. That thing turned out to be Hummingbird,Flutter for the web!

Not only will Flutter run on mobile (Android/iOS) devices, it will run on the desktop, embedded systems and now, the web. These means Flutter works on every screen!

Watch the keynote for the awesome presentation.

Dart 2.1

Dart 2.1 was announced a bit before Flutter Live but Dart 2.1 launches with Flutter 1.0. Dart 2.1 has various improvements related to speed and usability. One especially useful feature for Flutter developers is int to double conversion.

In-app payments from Square

Square announced the preview of a new package to support in-app payments in Flutter and one to support the Square Reader.

Flare by 2Dimensions

2Dimensions announced a fantastic tool called Flare. Flare offers powerful realtime vector design and animation for app and game designers. Now easy to create new animations with Flare.

Codemagic by Nevercode

Codemagic makes Continuous Integration/ Continuous Delivery easy for all apps. It automates builds and can differentiate Flutter projects from others when you sign in with Github. It can also send notifications directly to Slack notifying of build statuses.

All keynote is here!

– Hummingbird: Building Flutter for the Web

Great article for the Hummingbird project. This article explains how it works the Hummingbird.

– How to use Flare in Flutter

Nice tutorial how to use Flare in Flutter and create nice and smooth animations.

– Shazam for food: let’s code Jian Yang app!

If you have watched Silicon Valley you’ll remember the app to detect (almost) every foods. Let’s write it using Flutter!

– Flutter 1.0: Google’s Portable UI Toolkit

At Flutter Live, Google announcing Flutter 1.0, the first stable release of Google’s UI toolkit for creating beautiful, native experiences for iOS and Android from a single codebase.

– Square + Flutter: Beautiful, fast mobile payment apps

Take In-App and In-Person Payments with Square Flutter Plugins. This article explains the Square in Flutter.

– Google I/O Filter Animation in Flutter

Clone of the Filter Animation in Google I/O app to Flutter.

– Flare Integration in Flutter

Also another Flare integration on Flutter with a blog post.

– Flutter Top Open Source Apps

Top Flutter apps on Github. You can look at the codes and create new beautiful apps.

– A minimalist Flutter game engine = Flare

A minimalist Flutter game engine.

– Flutter TodoList Tutorial

This tutorial will walk you through the process of building of a simple todo-list with Flutter

Thanks to great Flutter team for the great Flutter Live event. All FlutterLive demos was awesome. Flutter continues to grow rapidly!! Thanks to Flutter Team! Nilay Yener Filip Hracek Tim Sneath Emily Fortuna Andrew Brogdon

Thanks for reading!

Credit : https://medium.com/flutterforce/flutterforce-week-4-b0a546bdc087

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