This is a library for enter a PIN on flutter/dart. You can enter one digit per textField box.

The detail

The library locate at path lib/pinbox.dart. You can use function pinBoxs to create a pin boxes. The function will return array of Widget class that contain many Pinbox.

pinBoxs(double width, List cons, Color boxColor, Color textColor, BuildContext context, bool show)

width = Width of one pin box
cons = Array of TextEditingController for each pin box
boxColor = color of pin box
textColor = color of text in pin box
context = BuildContext of the App
show = display digit to user or not (true => show, false => not show)


You can see the example of usage in path /lib/main.dart. After you run the file you will get the result as two pictures below.

image image image

Source Credit Url : https://github.com/nsi4927/flutter-pinbox

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